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A new social network for a more open internet,
based on syndicated feeds

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How does it work?

Each user has its own kalaksi - a place where planets can be created.
Planets act both as a timeline (where you can post and re-post), and as aggregators for internal and external feeds.
Each planet also exports its own RSS feed so your content can be easily accessed from elsewhere.
You can subscribe other users' planets, as well as standard RSS/Atom feeds. New content will automatically be published to subscribed planets.
You can also star and comment on all posts, create private or restricted planets and establish friendships with other users to share private content.
Planets allow you great freedom in how you use them. Check out a few Creative ways to use kalaksi.
The Official kalaksi devlog is itself a public planet. Check it out or subscribe the RSS feed.
(note that without signing-in, some features might not be available)

But wait, this is a very beta product!

This is an initial prototype to gather user feedback and improve. So don't expect many features and polish.

If you want to be part of something new and cool, join in!
There's even an official discord to share ideas/feedback/bug reports.

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Who is behind this?

nuno's photo
Hi there! My name is Nuno Donato.
I'm a portuguese software and game developer.
You can get in touch with me by email or twitter

Here's a bit of kalaksi

New arrivals
Yancarlo Reinoso
A political commentator, activist, artistic socialist born and raised brown in a predominantly white atmosphere but realizing that classism is the real struggle in America.
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