Version 0.13 - 3rd March 2021

  • Now defaulting to Gravatar for users without an uploaded profile pic
  • Small fixes in code and UI

Version 0.12 - 26th February 2021

  • Dark-theme
  • You can now re-publish posts from private/secret planets as long as you are the owner of those posts. The link to the original will be removed.
  • Post images should now be lazy-loaded
  • Post images can be clicked to open the original version (in a new tab/window)

Version 0.11 - 25th February 2021

  • Added "Access Links" to private/secret planets. Can be used to share content with people who don't have a kalaksi account
  • Bugfixes to the feed parser when unicode characters were present in the content

Version 0.10 - 23th February 2021

  • Integration with RSS-bridge now allows to fetch Twitter and Youtube feeds
  • Fixes to the external feed parser
  • Fixes to notifications
  • Comments are now visible to non-authenticated users

Version 0.9 - 18th February 2021

  • A new option in your profile allows you to enable/disable a daily email with a summary of unread notifications
  • You can now mention a user with @userslug, and it will be replaced with a link to the user's page
  • More fixes to better display enclosure media from external feeds and when generating RSS feeds

Version 0.8 - 17th February 2021

  • All posts in a user's kalaksi are now followed by its owner by default. A new feature 'mute post' has been introduced to stop notifications
  • More fixes to the feed parser and feed generator
  • Published feeds now include a link to the post's comment section (and comment count)
  • Backend improvements
  • Email verification is now required to manage/create content

Version 0.7 - 16th February 2021

  • Added formatting tips to the write post window
  • Added bold and italic formatting
  • Better detection and display of featured images from feeds
  • Added a "Restrict search inside my kalaksi" option to the search form
  • Prevent re-publish of items from private planets

Version 0.6 - 15th February 2021

  • Global search for posts, planets or users
  • Hashtags
  • Added a "post & follow" button to the comments section
  • Mobile & Desktop UI improvements

Version 0.5 - 14th February 2021

  • New backend code to fetch feeds, should now properly fetch everything (RSS+Atom)
  • kalaksi is now connected with an email service, so it is safe to loose and recover passwords ๐Ÿ˜…
  • Visiting a user's page will now show that user's latest posts
  • No longer have a size limit to upload profile photo - it is resized automatically on the server

Version 0.4 - 13th February 2021

  • Follow/Unfollow posts to get notified on new comments (auto-follow own posts)
  • Notifications of new comments will clear itself when you open the post
  • Starred posts will now show from which planet and user they are from
  • Timezone is now taken into consideration when adding posts from external feeds
  • Fix 2FA authentication
  • Many fixes parsing external RSS feeds

Version 0.3 - 12th February 2021

  • Notifications for new comments in your posts
  • Implemented OpenGraph meta tags in profile, planets and post pages. Sharing on other social media websites should now look prettier
  • Links to tweets will now show embedded tweets
  • Show newest users next to the trending posts
  • Images in posts are no longer stretched to fit the width of the content
  • Fix fetching a few RSS feeds
  • Bug fixes

Version 0.2 - 11th February 2021

  • Posts are now editable
  • Posts can be re-published manually
  • Human-friendly timestamps for posts and comments
  • You can now remove friends
  • Improvements to the "discover content" results
  • Better detection to avoid repeated items from external RSS feeds
  • Fix for some RSS feeds not being parsed correctly
  • Automatically display enclosure media from RSS feeds

Version 0.1 - 10th February 2021

  • Initial public prototype